Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Giving back to children

First Annual
Give back to the children

The holiday season is upon us and I would like to start a chain effect of giving back. I am reaching out to friends and family to help me with this amazing journey. This will be the first of many, it was hard to choose as children, animals and the elderly touch my heart. I will be collecting and buying stuffed animals to hand out at The Children’s Hospital the week of Christmas. To do this I will need your help, let’s all put a smile on these sick children and wish them a merry Christmas from all of us. As a parent I am so blessed to have healthy children and could not imagine having my child sick and in the hospital, some children are there for a day and some are there for weeks at a time. Could you imagine being in the hospital at Christmas time?
I will also be making hand-made Christmas cards to hand out with the stuffed animals.
This will be the first of many things I would like to do in the future. In the past I have made Christmas ornaments for an assisted living home for my Step-Mom, her mother was in the home and has passed away recently, I am glad I had the opportunity to share a small gift with everyone there. My family and I also donated our time to an Alzheimer’s home for Valentine’s Day. So you can see how important it is to give back, it is the greatest feeling in the world.
This is what I need.
• Small/medium stuffed animals
• Gift bags
• A couple of volunteers to be the drop off points, since I am hoping this will spread across Denver
If this happens to reach anyone in another state and you would like to send a stuffed animal that is welcome as well, or maybe you can start something where you live.
Please email me at for drop off points, if you would like to be a volunteer, or my mailing address.
In these times we all need to come together.
Thank you The Canacari Family

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