Monday, May 31, 2010

Some catch up

We had a blog contest and announced the winner, I wanted to share a little bit about her. She does amazing work.

Nicole Nichols Photography
"Documenting your wedding day in a Funky, Fun, Fine Art Way!"

720-470-9849 cell

I have been shooting portraits and special events (including 100 weddings) full time for over 6 years now. I also have a passion for fine art photography, and participate in a few gallery shows around the US every year. Also, as a recent bride myself, I truly love shooting weddings and photograph each one with the care as if it was my own. I form great relationships with each of my clients and often also provide everything from their boudoir to maternity and family portrait sessions.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Open House

We had our open house last night (5-13) I was so amazed at the support we had. I first want to thank my friend Adrienne Lucas of Moving Moments Photography for taking all the pictures for us.

I want to also thank our sponsors:
Randy Arent of Denver Bag Piper
Suzanne Almquist of by design EVENTS who provided our yummy cheese tray
Tina Kraft of It Works
Linda Malone of Floral design by Linda who provided us with our beautiful flowers
April Schaefers of A New Taste Sensation who provided yuppy fruit and chocolate. I have to say this she came all the way from Estes Park from an event and still came to join us, what does that tell you? we have some Awesome people in our group.
ok now to the fun stuff and yes it will be a little mushy it's coming from me so you know it would.
When I woke up I listened to I Gotta Feeling because I just knew we were were going to have a good night. I believe you have to tell the universe what you want, and this is what I wanted.

We had our elite members who have been with us since the beginning and some new faces that I cannot wait to build our relationship. The Pay it Forward concept that The Papery Willow and The Wedding Connectors live by is also lived by many others and it is amazing how they come to you. I heard alot last night from various people that they felt good feelings in the studio it just felt right, and that meant alot to me. People just kept coming in and I was so grateful to all the were there.

When I had this vision of The Wedding Connectors last October this is what I saw everything is happening and I am so excited, I set out to make a change and people see it and appreciate it, and the room showed it.

Driving home all I could do is reflect on the evening and smile, maybe a small little tear came out along the way, I realized I found my purpose and I am doing what I am suppose to be doing, with The Papery Willow I am creating beautiful invitations and learning about a couples journey in their new life together, and in The Wedding Connectors I amd helping others and making changes.

I want to thank everyone who has supported my vison from the beginning and stayed by my side, and to those who are just getting to know us we hope you stick around because this is going to be a journey you will not want to miss and we are all going to do it together, and this comes from my heart.

Now you can enjoy some pictures that Adrienne took.

Our newest Elite Charter members
left: Jennifer Lane of A Memory Lane Event
right: Brier of Vintage Elegance

What a great night!!!!!

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