Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thank you Notes

The Papery Willow also makes handcrafted stationery for any occasion. It is so important to give thanks, especially if you are conducting business you should always send a Thank you card. In today's electronic world we seem to miss the intimacy of relationships, we no longer pick up the phone, and we no longer write letters or send cards, or if we do it is via email, and believe it or not some people send invitations via email or use other sites to do so.
Take the time and send a card, I promise the person who receives it will feel special and know you care. Please enjoy this article I found below.........

The practice of thank you notes extends far back into our human history. From the ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures who used papyrus slips for their messages to fifteenth-century Europe when the practice of writing and hand-delivering notes developed, thank you notes have been an active means of social interaction and exchange. [1] “A personal, handwritten, thank-you note is the finest form of expressing gratitude
1. Thank you notes cultivate thankfulness within the character of the person writing.
At its basic, thank you notes exist as a stationary function that facilitates a recipient of something to express their gratitude; perhaps a means by which a social expectation is fulfilled. However, regardless of the means for which the note is written, it serves by providing a moment in time when the one who has received can reflect on both what they’ve been given and who has gifted them. Thank you notes become almost sacramental in their function, leading the writer into greater discipline of cultivating their own grateful heart as well as providing an opportunity for reflection on God’s own goodness to that person, both by the thing received and the one who provided. One thinks of Paul’s comment to the Philippians when he says: ‘I thank my God in all my remembrance of you.’ Thank you notes, while they sit within a cultural convention, could be an act of spiritual discipline.
2. Thank you notes are objects of remembrance.
If thank you notes cultivate thankfulness in the character of the writer, they also serve as a object of remembrance for the one who receives. The thank you note reminds the receiver of several things but perhaps most significantly it can imaginatively re-inact that moment that necessitated the thank you note, further deepening the relationship between sender and receiver long after the moment has passed. The thank you note carves out a moment in time and until it is thrown away, it continues to serve its purpose of giving thanks.

3. Thank you notes reveal the abundance of beauty found in the everyday object.
Before concluding this post, I want to consider how the creator of the thank you note gives thanks in the act of creation. A commercial designer might be churning out multiple versions of a similar design; however, at some point, reflections on what a ‘thank you’ is (or is not) will have guided direction as to what ended up in the final design. And while I don’t think that all designers create with reflection at the forefront of their mind, the act of creating to facilitate someone else’s act of thanksgiving is a moment ripe for consideration of what thanks looks like. When the designer alights on the right look for the right situation, the beauty in this everyday object deepens the fullness of the experience for both receiver and giver.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My new finds

So today I wondered in to a cute little Floral shop, ok I knew it was there already I know the ladies that work there, well to my surprise I found some great finds, oh I bet you want to know where It was?
Amore Fiori located in the Stapleton area 7353 E 29th Ave. Denver 80238.
To my surprise they had more than just beautiful Flowers they had some amazing gifts. Well if you know me, you know that I love bags and I love paper, check out what I got.

 The notebook is almost to pretty to write in, but I am sure I will fill the pages up quite easy. The below bag is adorable it is about the size of 14x16. I think I am going to use it as my everyday bag, my ipad fits, notepad, pen and some of my work stuff I use.

So I urge you to check this place out it is adorable and best of all it is locally owned and it is always best if you can support our locals.
Until next time have a happy day..

Has it been that long?

Ok I feel really really bad I cannot believe how long it has been since I "Blogged" I am a bad Paper Lady :)

Anyhow that is my goal this year to get back to blogging, it is hard as a business owner we have to wear so many hats and sometimes things just don't get done and put on the back burner. I will be making this a place for inspiration, my favorite things and giving kudos to great people, well heck this blog will be about everything I guess.

I hope you follow me and I hope I can inspire you with the little things I love.

now on to my first post in a gazzillion years.

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