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Tricia Turpenoff Photography

I love this gal, with her partner in crime Mike they make the perfect pair. They will make you laugh thats for sure. Please enjoy a little about them.
Tricia Turpenoff Portrait Gallery

Tricia Turpenoff

Tricia Turpenoff

I received a 126 Kodak Instamatic camera as a gift from my aunt and uncle when I was five years old. Unlike many of the gifts that I received throughout the years, which were “too old” for my age, this mature gift suited me just right. A trip to Washington D.C. initiated my debut in photography, causing my parents to comment admiringly on my seemingly natural ability to taking pictures. I guess I just had an eye for artistic expression through photography!

I continued perfecting my craft and developing my talent throughout high school and college. In college, I received formal training in photography and art, and made money as a “party pic girl,” taking pictures at various sorority and fraternity functions. After college, I was fortunate to work with several amazing and accomplished mentors, which helped me perfect my craft and establish myself as a professional photographer.

I was fortunate to know what I wanted my life’s work to be from a very young age. I have always known that photography is my niche. I love the finished product, that’s for sure, but getting to know people is the most enjoyable part of my job. I love sitting down with new clients during our initial consultation and really finding out who they are and what they love – and then translating their essence into a finished work of art that they will cherish forever. It is immensely rewarding.

Photography can really be a window to the soul, if the photographer and the client are relaxed and open to being authentic. I trust that, if I bring my authentic self to my work, clients are free to be themselves as well. That really shows in my work and is a central reason why clients come back again and again, and why after knowing them for just a short time I feel joyfully immersed in their lives.

Photography is my great love, and sharing it with the world in such a personal way is my passion. If you’ve never had an experience with a photographer that was fun and liberating, and that produced a true work of art, I hope you will choose me to capture the next moment of you and your loved ones’ lives. You can reach Tricia at:

Mike Grossberg

Anyone who knows me would undoubtedly agree that the one thing that defines me is my passion for everything I do. Whether it’s hiking in nature, cooking a gourmet meal, or taking a picture, I give it all of my focus and attention. I started learning about photography in the early 90’s and began seeing the world through light and lens. After many years of shooting for fun, that passion evolved into a business.

To me, portrait photography means capturing the essence of the living spirit that lies within every moment. My intention is always the same, whether that finds me shooting a wedding, a family portrait, or a beautiful new baby. My style is straightforward; I document the moment with flair, taking many photos from numerous angles, capturing feeling and emotion. My work is created digitally, so images have a creative touch added.

From the wonderful free spirit of children playing, or the beautiful mother to be, to that defining moment that is your wedding day, I love capturing it all and feel very honored to be a part of those intimate moments of your life. For me, being a photographer is not just about taking pictures, it’s about building lasting relationships by getting to know you and capturing the true spirit of who you and your loved ones really are. You can reach Mike at:

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