Saturday, March 13, 2010

Capelli Floral

I met Denise through a networking group I am involved in The Wedding Connectors yesterday the Hubby and daughter and I were out and about in Denver (love spending time in Denver) I told my husband we had to go to Capelli floral and check out the space, not only does Densie do beautiful work but she has and AMAZING space for events, all I can really say about it is STUNNNNNING! when I walked in my mouth dropped, exposed brick, warm, inviting you get the picture.

If you are planning an event this is where you need to have it, not only because of the space but I adore Denise, she is open, friendly and has a great heart.
Oh did I mention I was jealous? this is the kind of space I someday hope to have.

If you need flowers come to Capelli floral,
If you are looking for a space for an event come to Capelli floral, you will not be disappointed.

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