Friday, March 19, 2010

Blog contest

Hello, we wanted to see if you could help us? our owner thought we would be a great addition to The Papery Willow and we are honored to be here, but there is a slight problem we don't have any names and we also wanted a cute little slogan. So we thought we would put on a little contest. For the person who thinks of the best names for us and the best slogan you will receive a pack of  15 thank you cards ($20.00 value) from The Papery Willow and a $10.00 gift card to Starbucks.

So a little about us, we just love helping couples create their invitations, it makes us so happy when you tell our owner how great she is doing, and because our owner has such passion for what she does we knew we would be a good fit.
 We like to be outside alot and we have our special Willow tree we met at, he bumbed into me and said it was an accident but I know to well how that all works. We started flying together more and more and now have not been apart for the last year. So won't you please help us and our owner out and pick out our names and our nifty slogan, we would really appreciate it.
You can either post your comment on our blog or you can email our owner at

Thank you and Happy day


  1. Wally + Willa, For a wonderful willow wedding!

  2. How about....
    "These love birds love their custom invites by Papery Willow"


    "When Harry met Sally they flew over to Papery Willow for the best invitations to announce their love"



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