Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Finds

I finally stumbled in to "Wordshop" a cute little stationery store tucked away in the Highlands at 3180 Meade Street. Denver

When I walked in I was immediately in awe, first of all anyone who knows me, knows I love "Paper", the store is simply adorable and you are attracted to view every nook and cranny.

I wanted to share some of my finds and to also remind you to buy local, support the small business.

I got this wonderful notebook made by, I have many of her other notebooks and glad I found a place that sells them.
I also got this set of everyday notes cards, it is so important to send notes, not just thank you notes but just because note. The papers above the note cards are pretty cool, they are handmade papers that you can write letters or notes on the back, these are made by

So there you have it, my Friday find, hope you enjoyed, until next time.

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