Thursday, March 29, 2012

Branding yourself

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying your day and getting ready for the weekend. I wanted to talk a little about Branding, we all know what it is and know how important it is for a company to brand themselves, this gets them noticed and people remember them, heck most times you don't even have to see the company name just the logo, for instance we all know what company this is....
So I started thinking, with our economy the way that it is and finding a job is hard these days, what if you branded yourself??? we all know you have to set yourself apart from the others, I came up with a simple yet effective way for you to walk in to that interview and set yourself apart..
It is so important the way you package your resume, the paper, the design etc.. here is a sample of what I came up with.

If you would like The Papery Willow to help "brand" yourself send us an email at:

Get that dream job and walk out with style.

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