Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some last notes before the new year

Our holiday celebration starts at my Mom's on Christmas Eve, we have been doing it that way since us kids have been out of the house, it is a tradition that will carry on for many years to come.

Christmas Day
I started my morning at 6:30 with a good old cup of Joe

As I suspected Kayla had already gotten up and looked in her stocking, she lays everything on the floor then goes back to bed, I think I will have to be more creative next year, there is only so much you can put in there.
The girls opened presents, I could not believe how much Santa did this year, but note to self: (next year write down where you hid presents) I must have forgotten at least three of Kayla's.
Next on our agenda for the day is to go over Aunt Becky's for dinner, and boy was the food good.

Here are just a couple of other pictures I wanted to share.

My Mom and Nina(niece)

Kayla and Uncle Dean

Me and Hubby

Aunt Billie and Uncle Steve

Me and Jay (cousin)
There are so many more pictures but we would be here for days. We  then headed over to Chris' parents for a bit, then to my Dad's to celebrate. Every year my Dad make chili and home-made tortillas (mmmmm good)
It was a treat to be able to see our grandkids, we were not sure if we would be able to this year, I wanted to get pictures of us together because I did not know when the next time would be that we would be together again, I hope that my daughter realizes it is vital for them to be a part of our lives.

Auntie and Xavier

Auntie and Aaron

Pappa playing with Aaron, I think Chris liked playing with the car more :)

That was our Holiday, and I am so blessed to have my family around me, they mean so much to me.
Today I am reflecting a little on the future Christmas' for the Canacari family, even though the kids are older it is time for new traditions to start, and to put some to rest and keep as a great memory. I am already thinking of next year, (yeah scary huh) I now have to the time to focus on all the precious things, life is to short and we may not be here as long as we like so I want to make sure I leave fond memories behind for my girls.

For the first time in history I had the tree down and the house back to normal the day after christmas, usually I leave everthing up until after the new year, but having a real tree this year it was ready to come down. Plus I have a lot going on for the new year and need to focus, I will share that later.

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  1. looks like it was a great holiday. so happy you were able to see your grands too. best wishes in the new year babs. i can't wait to see what you're up to!



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